Wing Tyun Kung-Fu

In Chinese, Kung Fu has the meaning of ‘hard work’ or ‘achievement’. In the late twentieth century this term became used in relation to martial arts by the Chinese community.

Here at the WTKO we work hard but play hard, this balance of soft and hard, yin and yang, fast and slow appears in every element that makes The Wing Tyun Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy the perfect place for you to start and complete your martial arts journey.

The Wing Tyun Kung Fu system is a development of the traditional system of Kung-Fu typically spelled in English as ‘Wing Chun’, and is regarded by many experts to be the most practical and effective Self Defence for a street confrontation, and is the most popular of all the Kung-Fu styles.

You will be learning a fighting system based on concepts that apply to the use of power, principles, body structure and positioning. As such it is unnecessary to remember many complex techniques, only to learn how to apply these concepts to the given situation.

Drills, programmes and free practice enable the student to learn and experience the application of these concepts in a safe enjoyable environment.

Wing Tyun does not rely on strength or agility, and as such, is suitable for Women and Men of all ages and build.

There is a structured training curriculum, and we have regular gradings and training seminars throughout the year.

As a beginner you will be taught the basics of Wing Tyun Kung-Fu as a martial art and as a form of self defence.

This will include our first form (Sui-Nim-Tau) our concepts, structure and footwork, and drills and fighting applications from our first four Student Programmes.

You will learn useful techniques that can be applied from ‘day one’, and after completing the beginner level you will be well equipped to be able to deal with the majority of unarmed attacks.

On completion of the 4th Student Grade you will be ready to progress to the Intermediate class; here we study the second form (Chum-Kiu) and applications, and train the higher level Student Programmes.

Other training introduced includes Chi-Sau drills, ground work and anti-grappling.

It is recommended that you continue to attend the Foundation class at this stage to further train and gain a deeper understanding of the core elements of the Wing Tyun system.

Butterfly Knives and Long Pole
In this class the student will improve their knowledge, understanding and application of the Wing Tyun forms, and learn to apply techniques in a powerful and fluent manner.

The Wing Tyun student also trains against multiple attackers and a range of weapons, and learns control and restraint methods.

At this stage the Muk-Yan-Jong or ‘Wooden Dummy’ form is taught. This training aid is used to practice and perfect distancing, angles, and footwork around an opponent using correct body structure; uniting the upper and lower body to generate force. It is also used to practice flowing from one position or technique to another whilst sticking to the opponent. The 116 moves in this form also contain elements of applications from the first 3 forms.

Technician level students will learn Biu-Tze; the 3rd and most advanced Wing Tyun form. This set is a combination of brutal attacks, such as elbow strikes and finger strikes, and contains emergency measures for the fighter that finds themselves in a disadvantageous position during a fight. It also helps to develop flexible power’ taking your Wing Tyun training to a new level.

Other Wing Tyun weapon forms are taught at Technician level: Butterfly Knives ( Baat Jaam Do ) and the Long Pole ( Luk Dim Boon Gwan ).

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