Simo Nicky Lane

I haven’t exactly had a colourful Martial Arts history. As a child I attended Shotokan Karate classes but running around in a white suit which never quite fitted right having people putting their bare feet in my face was not really my idea of fun! That pretty much covers it until 10 years later when I met Sifu Mik. I had no idea when we met that he taught Martial Arts and if I’m honest when I first started going along to the classes I did it because I had fallen in love with him not for the health and self defence benefits. I had no idea that I would be hooked. For the next 7 years I trained to Instructor level and enjoyed every minute of it.

Now I have taken a back seat and ensure the smooth running of the school and look after our 2 little ones. Our daughter was born in March 2010 completing our family now my aim is to get back into shape and back into the Academy on a more regular basis before our Son Brody is old enough to train as the way he reacts when he goes to the school there is no doubt that Wing Tyun is in his blood and the next generation is raring to go.