Self Defence

Our style of Kung-Fu is a purely practical fighting art which uses simple, effective & direct techniques to overcome any ‘would be’ attacker. This is why it is a system that is taught worldwide to many law enforcement agencies and security professionals, as well as to the general public.

Our system contains no over complex or unnecessary moves, acrobatics or high kicks; these may look good in a demonstration or on a movie screen, but have no place in a real fight.

Alongside the classical Wing Tyun Kung-Fu programm, from ‘day one’ we teach effective Self-Defence drills to prepare a student for a street encounter. This side is often overlooked in many other martial arts, where a student is not fully prepared for the reality outside of the training hall.

Working with partners the students have the opportunity to ‘pressure test’ their techniques in different scenarios, and with this will come increased self-confidence.

As well as being prepared for a possible confrontation, you will also be taught how to recognise and avoid danger. How to de-escalate a situation, how to use body language and reading it in the opponent, and how to minimise the risk of injury to yourself, when someone confronts you with the possible intent of launching an attack.

For students just wishing to learn ‘Effective Self-Defence’ for the street, we can emphasise this side of the training in the classes and seminars.

Whilst all these skills will be learned in our regular Wing Tyun classes, we are currently engaged in looking at a new programme for those who want to begin their Wing tyun Kung-Fu training with classes tailored towards our methods of ‘Effective Self-Defence’.

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